PRI-SAVER water conservation system for PRIMUS sterilizer

Part Number: 222716

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A PRI-Saver™ system is designed to save up to 90% of the water going down the drain. With water usage as high as 8 – 10 gallons/minute when pulling a vacuum, the savings can quickly add up. In some facilities, the financial payback can be as little as a few months.

The kit must be installed in the field by a PRIMUS Authorized Service Agent (ASA) or in-house maintenance/facilities technician who has satisfactorily completed the PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School.  A trained technician should be able to complete a field installation in 8 – 10 hours under normal conditions. Available space around the sterilizer, the location and availability of electrical and mechanical utilities, and other environmental factors may lengthen or reduce the required installation time.

Additional advantages of the PRI-Saver System include:
• Operates on 110 VAC
• Eliminates the need for high voltage connection to the sterilizer
• Does not impact sterilizer performance
• Solves low inlet water pressure problems
• Aftermarket kit available
• Falls under standard PRIMUS warranty
Select Option P24 when ordering PRI-Saver™.

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Weight25 lbs